Reasons to Conduct Team Assessment

team assesment 6

You, as an employee of a company is part of a team which can become better. Your company is investing in you and your team. If you take team assessment, you and your team members and leaders are challenged to become more productive and high-functioning. The challenge is for teams to become something that each member can be proud of

What qualities do a cohesive team have. It is a team whose decision making is fast and good. They avoid wasting energy and time on politics, second-guessing, posturing, and confusion. There is no waste of time on wrong issues. Results are seen and the team is confident. Team members have fun and are fulfilled.

An online team assessment will be asked of you. Team assessment is more than the current functioning of the team. It also includes questions about what you think are behaviors that would improve the team. Your individual responses will not be shared by name since it is a confidential assessment.

After everyone has taken the assessment, the results will be given. The results will be personalized.

Then these results will be gone over in a few facilitated meetings which you will participate in. You will have an idea of what it makes a cohesive team. Issues that will tackle include commitment, accountability, trust, conflict, and results. Thinking differently about yourself, about your fellow teammates, and your team’s purpose will be the challenge given to you. The experience is highly powerful and beneficial as you will discover when you participate in it.

There are two models on which the assessment is based. In the first one you will learn more about your own behaviors and preferences and those of your teammates. The other will teach you about the dysfunctions of a team.

If you take an assessment as an individual and not as a team, you will also have great benefits. This will give an experience in taking an assessment test where you will know much about your personality. Although not part of a team, you should answer the questions as they related to your current team or a previous team you have been on. A team assessments purpose is to give you an idea of what your own strengths are and what areas to improve on. It tells the team where it is now so that team members can decide what kinds of changes they want to make. You get more benefits if each member of the team takes the assessment seriously and candidly answer the questions.

After the assessment, a sample report will be given. Your personality type will be part of the results and also for your team results. Visit this website to get more info.

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